VISA, MasterCard, Maestro payment cards
When making a prepayment, you can use debit and credit cards VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, if you have activated the option for secure online purchases. It is possible to activate it in your internet bank. As soon as the cardholder's information, card number, validity period and CVV are filled in, the order amount will be deducted from your card account.

Bank transfer
The bank transfer can be made to the bank account specified in the prepayment invoice. When making a payment, please enter your order number in the explanation field to ensure that your order is processed as quickly as possible.


We Deliver To:
Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania Estonia): 2 -3 working days
Europe: 4 -5 working days

We will deliver the goods to your desired address  
1. We will deliver the ordered goods to any corner of Bali. The goods in the warehouse are delivered within 2 -6 working days. from the payment confirmation (after the payment confirmation, the status of the order in the system changes to "Order in progress"). The exact term of each product is indicated on the page of each product. Transportation services are provided by our partners: Venipak, Omniva and DPD. Each of your orders is processed as quickly as possible.  
2. Residents of larger cities have the opportunity to indicate the most convenient delivery time for them: from 8 am to 2 pm, from 2 pm to 5 pm or from 6 pm to 10 pm. We will pass this information on to couriers who will try to deliver the product at the time requested by the buyer. If the desired time is not provided for residents of large cities, as well as other cities, the goods are delivered every working day from 10 am to 4 pm, so when choosing a delivery address, carefully consider whether you or your family members will be able to be at home at that time. If in doubt, it is better to choose to deliver the goods to your workplace or elsewhere, where there will definitely be someone who will accept the shipment on your behalf or agree with our managers on a more convenient delivery date. Unfortunately, we are not always able to predict exactly on what day the order you just placed will be delivered. It depends on the time of payment and approval, the date and time the ordered goods arrive at the warehouse, the quantities, the warehouses from which the goods will be transported, the choice of additional services (such as computer assembly and testing) and the like. , conditions cannot always be accurately predicted and controlled. In any case, rest assured - we are ready to answer all your questions and do everything in our will and ability to ensure fast delivery of goods to you!
3. Shipments may be delayed if you have entered an incorrect delivery address, postcode, telephone number or the courier did not find you at the scheduled delivery time. When confirming payment for an order (when the status of the order changes to "Order in progress"), managers usually announce the provisional delivery dates and then update them. In any case, you will be notified of the exact delivery date at least one working day in advance. If for some reason the parcel courier did not find you at home - be sure to let us know and we will negotiate a new delivery time that is acceptable to you.Payment

Receipt of goods
When receiving the goods, be sure to check all packages and boxes. The packaging must not be damaged. If you notice that the boxes have been torn, bent in the corners, opened or otherwise physically damaged, such shipment may not be accepted. If you decide to accept a damaged shipment, request that the exact condition of the delivered parcels be accurately and in detail described in the document of acceptance or delivery of the shipment or in a separate delivery note. In any case, when accepting a damaged parcel, unpack the shipment in front of the courier and visually check the condition of the goods in it.