Important! Before returning the product for warranty:
1. Get acquainted with the "General Terms and Conditions of Warranty";
2. In the absence of original packaging, the equipment must be properly packed in such a way that it is not damaged during transport;
3. Fill in the application in the "Support" section. Customer support will inform you about the next steps.

Warranty for individuals: 2 years
Warranty for legal entities: 1 year

General warranty conditions
1. General provisions.
1.1. All goods sold by LTD Rundman, when purchased by natural persons, are guaranteed by the manufacturer in accordance with the procedures provided for in the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia, if the instructions for use are followed. For legal entities, the warranty specified by the seller or manufacturer is provided and the term is one year.
1.2. During the warranty period specified by the manufacturer of the product, LTD Rundman or the service center authorized by the manufacturer shall perform free repair or replacement of damaged parts if the damage has occurred during the production process, structural or wear damage, defects related to the used component. In the event of a non-warranty or at the end of the warranty period, the customer may be offered a repair service for a fee.
1.3. When handing over the product for warranty repair, the Customer shall attach a warranty certificate, purchase receipt or bill of lading issued by the seller, indicating the defect of the product or its manifestations. The warranty document is valid only if it correctly and clearly indicates and shows: the product model, the serial number of the product, the date of sale, the warranty period, the imprint of the seller's stamp, the signatures of the seller and the buyer. It is forbidden to make any changes, delete or rewrite the data specified in the warranty statement - in this case the coupon will be declared invalid.
1.4. The consumer can return the product for warranty repair by delivering the damaged product to the warranty service specified by the manufacturer or deliver it to the office of LTD Rundman: LTD Rundman, Berzaunes 11A, Rīga, LV1039. If the original packaging is not available, the damaged equipment must be properly packed so that it is not damaged during transport. All costs for the safe delivery of the product to the LTD Rundman office or the warranty service center specified by the manufacturer shall be borne by the consumer.
1.5. In order to speed up the repair work, it is desirable to submit the product as standard (with accessories, power supply, special cables, etc.).
1.6. The warranty provider or provider shall fulfill the warranty obligations within a reasonable time, agreeing in advance on the approximate performance period and without causing inconvenience to the consumer (the repair time may be extended in agreement with the consumer).
1.7. The warranty conditions do not provide for the replacement of the product during the warranty repair, except in cases when the warranty provider is unable to comply with clause 1.6. rules. The seller is responsible for the possibility of replacing the equipment, with the prior agreement of the customer.
1.8. Replaced / repaired equipment retains its previous warranty period.
1.9. If the damage specified by the customer cannot be detected during the warranty repair of the equipment, or the warranty repair is not confirmed, due to the reasons indicated in Paragraph 3 of these Regulations, LTD Rundman or the manufacturer's authorized service center reserves the right to request compensation from the Customer for the diagnostics.
2. Limitations of Warranty Obligations:
2.1. The warranty does not cover software of any kind and compatibility between different devices.
2.2. The warranty does not apply to the prevention, servicing and maintenance of goods.
2.3. The warranty is limited to the battery's batteries (batteries, accumulators) and other components with limited resources. The warranty period is determined by the manufacturer.
3. Goods shall not be covered by the warranty if:
3.1. Product purchase documentation (confirmations) is not saved.
3.2. The information on the factory label is damaged or torn.
3.3. In case of mechanical damage.
3.4. There are damages caused by natural disasters, fire, domestic factors, accidental external factors.
3.5. Liquid, dust, or foreign matter has entered the cabinet.3.6. The damage is due to high (inadequate) supply voltage.
3.7. The product has been opened, repaired or changed in LTD Rundman or the manufacturer's unauthorized service center.
3.8. Damage is caused by the use of non-standard and / or low-quality consumables, spare parts, components, accessories.
3.9 Inappropriate cleaning agents have been used for maintenance.
3.10. The product is operated in an unsuitable environment (high humidity).
3.11. The instructions for use of the goods have not been followed.

4. The warranty does not apply to
4.1. Consumables, accessory kits, accessories.
4.2. If replacement is required, filters, batteries, accumulators, fuses, and other parts and accessories of the product that have limited resources, if such replacement is required by the design and does not involve disassembly of the product.
4.3. Cleaning of optical heads and other information readers.
LTD Rundman accepts no liability for possible damage that the product (product) could directly or indirectly cause to people, pets, property, if this occurred in case of non-compliance with the product installation, instructions for use and conditions.
To avoid misunderstandings, please read the instructions for use of the product (product) carefully, as well as check that the warranty card has been filled in correctly. It is forbidden to make any changes, delete or overwrite the data specified in the warranty card.

Fill in the warranty application in the "Support" section. Customer support will inform you about the next steps.